About the Brand

SuppleFit is part of Chogan Group S.p.A., the leading company in the Italian market for the sale of consumer goods .

This is where SuppleFit has laid its roots to face an unprecedented challenge: to study, design and create the best replacement meal, a better product than the ones existing on the market.

A large team of food technologists, nutritionists and dieticians have been working uninterruptedly for over two years before reaching the perfect formula: to develop a product beneficial for the health was not enough.

"SuppleFit will have to stand out on all fronts: besides being healthy, it shall be impressive and appealing with its taste.It will be the travel companion of many people who will undertake this new journey, our mission is to make it as pleasant as possible with SuppleFit". "Improve constantly": this is the Founders' mantra and epitomises the mood of the whole SuppleFit Team

Improve the ingredients, improve the taste, improve the benefits to improve the lives of those who undertake the SuppleFit journey. The Meal Shake is the flagship product of a wide range of wellness products consisting of replacement meals, supplements, juices and syrups with the highest quality ingredients. The SuppleFit team keeps on researching, studying, designing, formulating, processing: the best is yet to come. But this is another challenge.

SuppleFit eat well. Live better.