Download the official Supplefit app


SuppleFit Revolution keeps going on with this unique, useful, intuitive and user-friendly App: available for iOS and Android, the app is free and requires no registration to be used. Download it and customise your experience: enter your name, surname, date of birth, height and weight.

Now you're ready to start your journey alongside your trusted food diary. Basic yet complete, it will help you monitor your daily calorie intake and the physical activities you perform.

Not a mere Food Tracking tool

With over 800 foods between meals and snacks, SuppleFit features an extensive database that will help you find every food you need to add to your meals. The SuppleFit flagship couldn't definitely miss: here it is, the Meal Shake! Just choose the milk you are using, enter the amount and time of day you are savouring it. Easy peasy, isn't it?

The SuppleFit application goes beyond the simple intake monitoring: once you have entered the data relating to your meal/ snack and the physical activities performed (exercises, a training session at the gym, walks), the calculation of calories is carried out in real-time thanks to the SuppleFit smart-brain that warns you of any excess in the daily number of calories and macronutrients The SuppleFit app is set to become the most innovative and appealing App in the Health & Wellness category, thanks to its new features and updates.

Download the official Supplefit app