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"Cooperativa Profumieri" Room Fragrance Diffuser – "Fruity Blend" - 100 ml

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From the sensitivity and creativity of our expert perfumers come room fragrances that enrapture the mind and seduce the senses.

Perfumers are masters in the creation of fragrances, an ancient art from the Orient.
Also called 'Composers', perfumers combine olfactory notes as if they were musical notes, creating unforgettable symphonies of aromas.

Cooperativa Profumieri Fragrances spread through the rooms like music, tickling the imagination with their livelier notes and seducing the sense of smell with their warmer, more intense ones.

Room Fragrance Diffusers by Cooperativa Profumieri, equipped with natural wooden sticks, blend stylishly and discreetly into any room, providing a delicate and long-lasting fragrance. Contained in elegant and refined packaging, the fragrance is diffused through the sticks immersed in the perfume, which absorb it by capillarity, transport it upwards and release it evenly and constantly. These fragrance diffusers provide the room with a fresh, clean atmosphere.

100 ml format: H 13,2 cm; L 10,7 cm;
200 ml format: H 15,5 cm; L 12,86 cm;
500 ml format: H 19,52 cm; L 16,39 cm;
1500 ml format: H 32 cm; L 18,2 cm;
3000 ml format: H 40,96 cm; L 22,67 cm.

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