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Flower Garden

Floral fragrances alternate with hints of musk and sweet fruits. A fragrance that leads to a secret garden dotted with lush rose bushes and fragrant jasmine flowers.

Area Kitchen / Entrance
Olfactive group Floral Fruity
Fruity Blend

An enveloping fragrance, a perfect balance of sweetness and intensity with oriental inspiration. A musky scent that leads into an undergrowth laden with the juicy aroma of red fruits.

Area Living
Olfactive group Oriental Fruity
Mediterranean Pomegranate

A fragrance in which the flowers and juicy kernels of the Pomegranate explode in all their vitality. A decisive but, at the same time, delicate fragrance.

Area Entrance / Living
Olfactive group Fruity Floral
Bacchus Symphonies

A fruity, heady perfume, able to seduce with its special combination of fragrances. Notes of Strawberry, hints of Peach and Orange Blossom bring with them the scents of spring.

Area Office / Living
Olfactive group Fruity
Red Fruit Heart

A fragrance capable of captivating the senses with its mouth-watering combination of red fruits, its sweet notes of Vanilla, Caramel and its refreshing hints of Orange Blossom and Peach.

Area Entrance / Living
Olfactive group Fruity
Magnolia Bouquet

A surprisingly beautiful flower for an elegant and persuasive fragrance. The delicate scent of Magnolia petals intersects with lively notes of Pear, Apple and Lemon.

Area Kitchen / Bathroom
Olfactive group Floral Fruity
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