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Face Scrubs & Masks

Peel-off Mask for mature skin - 75 ml

Cod art: POM01

Peel-off Mask For Mature Skin - 75 Ml

€ 15,90

Price is VAT inclusive

Face Mask with Green Clay and Neem Oil

Cod art: NM09

Face Mask With Green Clay And Neem Oil

€ 14,90

Price is VAT inclusive

Face Scrub Gel - 50 ml

Cod art: CR09B

Face Scrub Gel - 50 Ml

€ 21,90

Price is VAT inclusive

Illuminating & Brightening Face Mask with Snail Slime and Vitamin C

Cod art: BV03

Illuminating & Brightening Face Mask With Snail Slime And Vitamin C

€ 9,00

Price is VAT inclusive

Purifying Face Mask with Salicylic Acid - 50 ml

Cod art: AS01

Purifying Face Mask With Salicylic Acid - 50 Ml

€ 9,90

Price is VAT inclusive

Coming soon
Anti-ageing Face Mask with Argan Oil

Cod art: AR07

Anti-ageing Face Mask With Argan Oil

€ 14,50

Price is VAT inclusive

Peel-off Face Mask for combination, impure skin - 75 ml

Cod art: AL11B

Peel-off Face Mask For Combination, Impure Skin - 75 Ml

€ 18,90

Price is VAT inclusive