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«Potions Lab» is a casual game released by Chogan, the only one that rewards the best players monthly with real prizes! Just keep your nerve and help Dr. Jay with the creation of his potions! But beware... it's not as easy as it may seem! The game is actually more challenging than the fun graphics and upbeat music would suggest! You'll have to be accurate to the nearest millilitre or your work will have been wasted!

«Hi, this is Doctor Jay! I don't want to sound boastful, but I'm Chogan's most brilliant chemist, which is why I have my own lab! Help me create as many potions as possible and I'll reward you with real prizes! Are you ready?! MUAHAHAH», the chemist said.

Are you up for it? Download the app!

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Aprile's winners

1st Simoneg19 - Score: 77899

2nd Dada91 - Score: 72095

3rd Vale001 - Score: 84626

Ranking of Ottobre Latest ranking as of 28-05-24 07:57 - Mr. Jay's supporters 1593
Position Player Score
1 Simoneg19 77899
2 Dada91 72095
3 Vale001 84626
4 Anto99 49420
5 Fra91 111427
6 Luigi90 78314
7 Lety_b98 41511
8 Ramona75 39337
9 Graa97 59341
10 Jeky9 36307