Chogan App

Why use the Chogan App?

Chogan is even smarter!

The Chogan App was designed to make the activities usually done on more practical and functional on mobile devices.

Alongside the basic functionalities available on our official website, the App is equipped with new, technologically advanced utilities designed to improve your communication with the Company. Via the App, you will always be in touch with the Chogan world, regardless of where you are.

Push notifications

This service allows improving your productivity, receiving notification also on your smartphone without having to access your noticeboard. You can access in real-time to news, chat messages, and noticeboard messages directly on your smartphone, with just one touch.

Total share

Thanks to the App it is possible to share various contents such as news or releases of new products with all of your WhatsApp and Facebook contacts and on all of your social channel, with just one touch.

These are just some of the things you can do with the Official Chogan App. Download now the App for free. The App is available for Android and Apple devices.

Download the Official Chogan App