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Extra Volume Mascara

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Our Extra Volume Mascara extends the lashes and ensures an extreme curl in a single gesture, while also bringing a strong volume-enhancing effect. Its formula is enriched with a unique blend of natural waxes of varying hardness, such as Carnauba Wax and Beeswax, for an 'extra-volumised' look. Quick-drying, thanks to the presence of volatile substances, this mascara also contains film-forming agents, which give the formula a long-lasting hold, and Panthenol, which thickens the lashes and improves their shine. Very easy to apply, it delivers an intense and clump-free colour to the lashes. The special brush features innovative fibres: made up of small, solid and wavy filaments, it allows for better combing of the lashes, captures the mascara and ensures an even distribution that reaches even the smallest of lashes in the corners of the eye. The innovative formula and brush synergically ensure volume and definition.