About the Brand

Brilhome is the brand of products and accessories for all cleaning professionals.
The secret of Brilhome lies in the special ultra-concentrated formula of its detergents, obtained after years of study and research, which allows the reduction of unnecessary waste for maximum yield.
Brilhome is also eco-friendly, with some products made from pure natural extracts, dye-free and preservative-free.
All our products also comply with current hygiene and health regulations (H.A.C.C.P. self-control system).
Brilhome is the clean revolution!

The Products

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The Cleaning Revolution

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The benefits

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Become a Cleaning Professional! For you lots of benefits and exclusive earnings. Sign up and discover the dedicated Compensation Plan for Brilhome professionals.

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Made in Italy

Chogan is one of the few completely Italian Network Marketing companies: we consider this to be our strength because we have control of the supply chain in all its steps.

Extensive catalogue

Our catalogue is always being updated: we specialise in perfume production and now cover the large market for personal and household care and hygiene products.

Coming Soon

Are you the owner of an accommodation or catering business? Then stay tuned, because soon the maxi formats of Brilhome cleaning products for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector will be available.

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