Rediscover the hair of your dreams with Aurodhea!

05/06/2024 - 16:10

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Wish to have shiny, silky and soft hair? 
So make your wish come true with our new Aurodhea Hair Mask with Argan Oil !
Available in two different formats, this extraordinary treatment adds vigour and shine to your hair, improving their appearance and making untangling easier day after day.

Its formula containing Argan Oil is indicated for brittle, treated hair, prone to split ends. Ideal for dry and frizzy hair, this Aurodhea mask helps regenerate, protect and repair the hair fibre, strengthening and nourishing the hair. 
Enriched with Keratin, the product deeply restructures your hair and helps protect it from external agents. It also contains Silk Proteins, which make hair smooth and silky.

The product is available in two practical formats:

- 150 ml (CAP01B): the ideal solution for those who want to always carry their favourite treatment with them.

- 500 ml (CAP24B): perfect for those who need a more intensive, lasting treatment.

Ready to give your hair the nourishment boost it deserves?
Try the new Hair Mask with Argan Oil: click here

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