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08/06/2024 - 14:31

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Enjoy the beauty of some of the most iconic Italian cities with the new Kleyes collection Italian Destinations. Each pair of sunglasses is a journey through the most fascinating destinations of the Bel Paese, an accessory able to capture the essence of iconic places, celebrate their charm and transform it into a fashionable detail.

Choose Capri to experience the vibes of a boat trip around the Faraglioni, Amalfi to indulge in the cinematic atmospheres of the Amalfi coast, Taormina to feel the warmth of the Sicilian sun on your face, or Rome to live the charm of the Eternal City. 

Whether you prefer the fashionable mood of Milan or the more classic style of Como, "explore" all the sunglasses of Kleyes Spring/Summer 2024 collection and start your journey to your favourite Italian destination with style. 

Your next adventure starts with our Italian Destionations Capsule by Kleyes: click here

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