Cod.: SP04B

Extra Gentle Intimate Cleanser with Mallow and Camomile - 260 ml

Enriched with Lavandin Essential Oil
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Aurodhea Extra Gentle Intimate Cleanser with Camomile, Mallow and Lavandin Essential Oil gently cleanses, respecting the balance and natural defences of the intimate parts. Aloe Vera soothes and protects against intimate discomfort and burning, helping to prevent irritation. Lavandin Essential Oil, on the other hand, is a urogenital disinfectant that acts on fungal infections and itching. Particularly indicated for the most sensitive skin, it contains extracts of Mallow and Camomile, which soothe irritation and prevent redness; finally, the presence of Lactic Acid helps to respect the physiological ph of intimate areas (ph 4.5).